Lawn Care
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Lawn Management

A beautiful lawn compliments the rest of the garden and makes the whole garden look fantastic. A lawn care program will give you a lawn to be proud of.

The secrets to a beautiful looking lawn are:

  1. Regular mowing
  2. Feeding with spring, summer & autumn fertilisers
  3. Treating weeds & moss
  4. Watering


Lawn Care Program




Garden Irrigation

Watering is one to the most important parts of keeping a beautiful garden.

Gardens are a living entity and just as we need water to live so do they.

Here at Forest Garden Services we try to advise all our clients on the importance of watering the garden. We can cut the lawn, trim all the hedges and tidy the borders, but without watering and lack of rainfall it can look very disappointing.

Watering can be somewhat time consuming and for a relatively small initial investment an irrigation system can be the answer to this problem.

Garden irrigation systems are controlled by a computer, which means they can be programmed to operate through the night, which saves on water loss through evaporation and reduces disturbance, and allows the clients to enjoy their gardens whenever they want to.

Using our experience we regulate and monitor the system to deliver the correct amount of water, therefore avoiding wastage associated with a conventional watering system such as a hose & sprinkler system. With an irrigation system, going on holiday is no longer a problem as the garden continues to get watered as per the schedule set by the computer.

We install and maintain irrigation systems for garden lawns, borders and pots. We install the systems in the most unobtrusive way possible, which is tailored to meet your needs and, more importantly your budget.
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